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Characteristics of DLI’s Calorized Lance
Minimum Consumption The calorized layer and three layer refractory coating together generate the strong heat resistance and anti-oxidation to achieve minimum consumption of lance pipe to cut down your cost. Major cost saving comes from higher productivity and lower energy cost while keeping your Plant operators SUPER SAFE.
Excellent QualityStrict quality control is made at each production process from the consistent grade of raw materials to the finished products. Our quality control team has stringent quality protocols to ensure the safest lancing solution.
Cost Effective SolutionVery cost effective solution with highest quality through dedicated production facility for lancing products. We have the highest global foot print when it comes to lancing and high heat resistance solution.

Product information

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Calorized Lance Pipe

DLI’s calorized lance pipe lasts 3 to 10 times* longer than mild steel lance. Our pipe is used for steel melting by blowing oxygen, carbon, lime, coke, iron ore and/or other additives. Our calorized lance has been used since 1955 in over 70 countries and over 150 plants worldwide. We are the forerunner in lancing technology and innovation where our R&D team is constantly inventing and further improving the lancing solution.

  • Calorized pipe is used for melting and refining steel in Electric Arc furnace

  • Injection of carbon, lime powder, coke, meshed iron ore and/or other additives for adjusting grades of carbon steel or special steel.

  • Removing slag inside oxygen converter.

  • Other applications which requires high heat resistance against oxidation, sulfuration, vanadium attack, etc. Also used in Aluminum smelting to blow Argon gas.

  • We also produce specialized solution for DRI, PCI and other application.