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Powder coated pipes detail

Our powder coated pipes are manufactured at PS Steel Pvt. Ltd plant in Khapoli, INDIA. Our color coated pipes are produced as per ASTM specification in Sch 40. Powder coating applied about pre-galvanized steel to prevent corrosion and rusting. We supply pipes in various colors Black, Green and Brown in various diameters from 1-5/8” to 3” and length. Pipes are UV protected and suitable for residential and commercial facilities.

Steel tube surface of both sides is galvanized layer. Polyester layer covered on this layer. This product has long term durability by dual protection of metal plated and resin coating. Product of majority in other company, resin coating layer is coated only outside surface, but our product have both sides resin coating. Color pipe is used in agricultural vinyl house in Japan. At this moment, the manufacture compared the resin that is polyester, polyethylene and epoxy. They choice the polyester depends on the weatherability. But almost past product is coated only outside surface. In case of using in agricultural vinyl house, tube easy to get the rust because moisture remains in the pipe. So we developed the coating product that has both sides polyester coating.