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Lancing solution

Why Choose Anaya Steel ?

Our world class lancing products comes from Daiwa Lance International. Daiwa lance corporate office is in Japan with world class manufacturing in Vietnam. Our corporate mission is to help Steel plants, foundries, Smelters with the finest lancing solution

Calorized Lance Pipe

Daiwa’s high heat resistant pipe for Oxygen, Carbon & other gas injection for Various application.

Thermic Lance Pipe

Daiwa’s thermic lance pipe for various cutting Application. Used in Steel plants, Smelters, mining and Scrap yards.

Color & Galvanized pipe

High quality powder coated and galvanized Pipes for Fencing, greenhouse and Various applications.

About us

We give wide range of highly engineered products.

Anaya Steel corporate office is located in Fairfax, VA (USA) with manufacturing base in India & Vietnam and sales office in US, Mexico and India. We partner with Daiwa Lance International (Vietnam) in providing solutions to Steel plants, Smelters, mining, Foundries and various industries where high heat resistance lancing solution is needed. Plus we utilize our manufacturing base in India to provide engineering products for OEMs in various Industries.

ERW pipes

We provide range of ERW pipes – color coated pipes, galvanized pipes, bollard pipes, MS lance pipe and structural pipes

OEM hardware

We have developed and continue to develop range of Steel hardware for OEMs around the world. Products are pressed steel, steel panels, Punched, pressed, forged in various coating galvanized, powder coated or plain Steel.

Lance holders/accessories

We provide from Daiwa range of couplings, Lance holders and other accessories for lancing solution.

Saul Goodman

Project Manager

Anaya Steel is the best in thermic lance pipe business when it comes to response time, inventory, pricing, and getting my material quickly.

Sara Wilsson

Plant Manger

Anaya Steel has been a top quality, cost-effective, reliable supplier to lancing products. They are efficient, and always supply quotes on time. We consider Anaya Steel best in lance pipe, MS Lance etc.

Jena Karlis


Anaya Steel provide our organization with fair and competitive prices—the best in the industry. They have gone over and above to meet our project’s demands, and working to our delivery schedule. I would highly recommend Anaya Steel to anyone.

Matt Brandon

CEO, Founder

We love that Anaya Steel has branches all over, this type of structure provides us with a wide range of delivery and product options.

John Larson


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Our Products

Anaya steel is your global steel expert for all types of industry pipes. Calarized lance pipe, MS Lance pipes, Cermaic Lance Pipe etc.

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  • MS Lance Pipe
  • Color Coated
  • Thermic Lance

Ms Lance

Ms Lance Pipes

Calorized Lance

Calorized Lance Pipes

Ms Lance

Ms Lance Pipes

MS (SC) Lance

MS (SC) Lance Pipes

Thermic Lance

(Burning Bars)

Color Coated

Color Coated Pipes

Bollards Pipe

Bollards Pipes

Powder Coated

Powder Coated Pipes

Ms Lance

Ms Lance Pipes


Find answers to frequently asked questions about Calarized lance pipe, MS Lance pipes, Cermaic Lance Pipe, systems in our FAQ

  • What is a Thermic Lance, and how does it work?

    A Thermic Lance is a steel pipe filled with metal wires of various types. An oxygen cylinder and regulator supply pure oxygen gas through the pipe. A high-temperature source, such as an oxy-acetylene torch, is used to light the pipe's end. The iron in the steel reacts with the oxygen in the pipe to produce a massive amount of heat and a liquid slag of iron oxides and other minerals that dribbles and splashes out like a massive firework sparkler. The temperature in the combustion zone reaches almost 4000 degrees Celsius, which is higher than the melting point of any substance on the planet. Concrete melts between 1800-2500 degrees Celsius, while steel melts at less than 15 degrees Celsius.

  • Most ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as concrete and refractory materials, can be cut with the lance. Cutting speed and the capacity to cut thick rusted metals are two advantages over traditional cutting processes.

  • Yes, we can meet the customer's length and diameter needs to satisfy their standards, as long as the minimum quantity is met.

  • The difficult to cut materials in gas cutting and mechanical cutting, such as stainless steel, alloys such as brass, non-ferrous metals, ceramics, and others, can be simply and swiftly cut off and bored at a high temperature of 3600 C without noise or vibration. It's ideal for cutting and drilling special steel, cast steel, pig iron, slag, and concrete, among other materials. The apparatus does not require a heat source.


If you have any question about our pipe series. you can contact feel free.

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