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Why Choose Anaya Steel ?

Anaya closely works with our JV partner Daiwa Lance International(DLI) with plant in Vietnam for high heat resistance pipes and other specialized coated pipes for critical applications in Steel melting, Ferro Alloys production, Mining and Smelters. Our powder coated and Carbon steel pipes for various application comes from PS Steel out of Khapoli, INDIA. Our focus is to continuously invest in developing our alliance in value added Steel parts.

Calorized lance pipe

DLI’s high heat resistance pipe to solve various critical application in DRI, Arc furnace, Smelters, mining.

Thermic Lance pipe

DLI’s thermic lance pipe comes in various configuration which generates high heat to efficiently cut complex, large hard metals. Used in mining, scrap processing, Steel plants.

Powder coated & various pipes

Our alliance with PS Steel (India) for powder coated, Galvanized, Painted pipes for various applications.

About us

We give wide range of highly engineered products.

We have deep roots in Specialized steel parts manufacturing and contract manufacturing. Founders of Anaya has over 30+ years in Steel parts manufacturing. We started our business with plant in Kolkata, India in late 1980s as 100% EOU for North American market to cater to Fencing and Construction Industry. Over the years, we grew our manufacturing alliance footprint in China, Vietnam, Turkey and various facilities in India.

ERW pipes

We offer range of ERW pipes – powder coated pipes, galvanized pipes, bollard, ms lance pipe and structural pipes.

OEM hardware.

We have developed partnership with highly qualified mills to develop range of OEM parts. Specializing in punching, pressing, casting, forging with various coating or no coating options.

Lance holders/accessories

We provide from Daiwa range of couplings, Lance holders and other accessories for lancing solution.

Niraj Balasaria

CEO, Founder

Started our journey in value-added steel hardware manufacturing in 1991 in Kolkata, INDIA. Over the 30 years, we have build our business based on long term relationship across the board. Our team members in various offices, our customers in various countries and most important our manufacturing partners in varous countries.

Regan Nguyen

Customer and Logistics Support specialist

Taking care of our customers, vendors, and staff, and building lasting professional relationships is of the utmost importance to me.

Veronica Jimenez

Business Development Manager- (Leon, Mexico)

I'm passionate about giving an extra to our clients so that they have a great business experience with us.

Jocelyn Moran

Senior Executive - (Mexico)

Customer service, relationship with our customers and vendor and communication with our co-workers are aspects that motivates me to give my best every day.

Nelson Goncalves

Independent Sales Associate – long products

I have over 10 years working experience with Anaya and over 35 years experience in trading steel worldwide. Large experience in long, flats and specialty steel products, working on long term business relationships and ensuring a service oriented experience for both customers and suppliers.

Poll Roy

Business Devlopment- India, Middle East, Africa & CIS

I am passionate about managing customer centric operations, ensuring customer satisfaction by achieving delivery and service quality norms. Also ensuring that highest service standards are maintained for servicing of clients and building & maintaining healthy business relations with clients for cross-selling various products.

Titas Nandy

Senior Executive- Sales Coordinator & Office Support

I am passionate about giving my best possible effort to manage the existing & new customers right from the enquiry stage to the post shipment documentations. Providing optimum support to the Marketing & Sales team by means of excellent back-office support.

Our Products

Leading supplier of heat resistance pipes and specialized OEM parts

  • All
  • MS lance pipe
  • Color Coated
  • Thermic Lance

MS lance pipe

(Steel melting application)

Calorized lance pipe

(Heat resistance pipe)

Non-coated round pipe

(Various application)

Thermic lance pipe

(Cutting application)

Thermic Lance

(Cutting application)

Powder coated pipe

(Fencing, greenhouse and various application)

Bollard pipe


Powder coated pipe

(Greenhouse application)


(Powder coated pipes)


Find answers to frequently asked questions about Calarized lance pipe, MS Lance pipes, Cermaic Lance Pipe, systems in our FAQ

  • What is a Thermic Lance, and how does it work?

    A Thermic Lance is a steel pipe filled with metal wires of various types. An oxygen cylinder and regulator supply pure oxygen gas through the pipe. A high-temperature source, such as an oxy-acetylene torch, is used to light the pipe's end. The iron in the steel reacts with the oxygen in the pipe to produce a massive amount of heat and a liquid slag of iron oxides and other minerals that dribbles and splashes out like a massive firework sparkler. The temperature in the combustion zone reaches almost 4000 degrees Celsius, which is higher than the melting point of any substance on the planet. Concrete melts between 1800-2500 degrees Celsius, while steel melts at less than 15 degrees Celsius.

  • Most ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as concrete and refractory materials, can be cut with the lance. Cutting speed and the capacity to cut thick rusted metals are two advantages over traditional cutting processes.

  • Yes, we can meet the customer's length and diameter needs to satisfy their standards, as long as the minimum quantity is met.

  • The difficult to cut materials in gas cutting and mechanical cutting, such as stainless steel, alloys such as brass, non-ferrous metals, ceramics, and others, can be simply and swiftly cut off and bored at a high temperature of 3600 C without noise or vibration. It's ideal for cutting and drilling special steel, cast steel, pig iron, slag, and concrete, among other materials. The apparatus does not require a heat source.

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